The Ghosts of Insults Past

Lately I was looking at old pictures from middle school and high school. I remember thinking during that time that I was so fat and ugly. I was bullied and teased quite a bit for being overweight. A group of boys, whom I had gone to school with since kindergarten and who had transferred with […]

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Joining Weight Watchers Again

So I had an epiphany. I had been eating Paleo foods but I was miserable. I was miserable not because Paleo isn’t effective and extremely healthy for you. It is effective and healthy. However, living with people and being surrounded by people who don’t adhere to Paleo makes this type of diet difficult. The constant […]

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Happy New Year! So I have been down for the count for the past several days with the flu. Apparently that’s what happens when a family member brings their sick children with them to Christmas. So while¬†being sick¬†may fuel my hate fire, there is a still a lot to be happy about. It’s January 1st. […]

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